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fcppt::parse::basic_literal< Ch > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Ch>
class fcppt::parse::basic_literal< Ch >

Parses a specific character and returns nothing.

For a character c, the parser basic_literal{c} succeeds if the next input character is c. Otherwise, an error is returned. This parser returns fcppt::unit on success.

Inheritance diagram for fcppt::parse::basic_literal< Ch >:

Public Types

using result_type = fcppt::unit

Public Member Functions

 basic_literal (Ch)
template<typename Skipper >
fcppt::parse::result< Ch, result_typeparse (fcppt::reference< fcppt::parse::basic_stream< Ch > >, Skipper const &) const

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ result_type

template<typename Ch >
using fcppt::parse::basic_literal< Ch >::result_type = fcppt::unit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ basic_literal()

template<typename Ch >
fcppt::parse::basic_literal< Ch >::basic_literal ( Ch  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse()

template<typename Ch >
template<typename Skipper >
fcppt::parse::result< Ch, result_type > fcppt::parse::basic_literal< Ch >::parse ( fcppt::reference< fcppt::parse::basic_stream< Ch > >  ,
Skipper const &   
) const