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fcppt::reference< Type > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Type>
class fcppt::reference< Type >

A simple reference wrapper that supports incomplete types.

C++11's reference is also a function call wrapper, which implies that the type it holds must be complete. This class's purpose is to allow objects of incomplete type to be stored as references in containers instead of pointers.

Public Types

typedef Type type

Public Member Functions

 reference (type &) noexcept
typeget () const noexcept

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ type

template<typename Type>
typedef Type fcppt::reference< Type >::type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ reference()

template<typename Type>
fcppt::reference< Type >::reference ( type )

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

template<typename Type>
type& fcppt::reference< Type >::get ( ) const