Freundlich's C++ toolkit
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The main fcppt module.

This module is the top-level container for all other fcppt modules.


 General-purpose algorithms.
 Like std::array but with a proper constructor.
 Macros and functions for assertions.
 Bit operations.
 Boost support library.
 Cast helpers which provide more type information or do additional checks.
 Catch2 support library.
 Compiler, OS and warning related macros.
 Various containers and utility functions.
 An optional with an error type.
 Functions to convert and query endianness.
 Helper functions for contiguous enums.
 Macros related to library visibility.
 Helper functions for std::filesystem.
 Intrusive list implementation.
 IO-related typedefs and functions.
 Iterator adaptors and utilities.
 Literals or polymorphic integer constants.
 Logging classes and functions.
 Math utility classes and functions.
 Monad typeclass and related functions.
 A metaprogramming library.
 A class that makes values optional.
 Library for command-line options.
 Library for parsers.
 Macros for controlling warnings and printing messages.
 Random number generators and distributions.
 Range utilities.
 A record class that holds named elements in a generic way.
 Reference wrappers for incomplete types.
 An implementation of a managed signals and slots system (replacement for boost's signals).
 unique_ptr, shared_ptr and weak_ptr without default constructors.
 String-related functions and types.
 The strong typedef class and helper macros.
 Time query and formatting utilities.
 Like std::tuple but with a proper constructor.
 Conversions between isomorphic types.
 Some additional type traits.
 A class that can hold any object from a fixed set of types.
 Documents smaller features that do not warrant their own modules.