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fcppt::options::option_name Class Reference

Detailed Description

An option name that may be for a short or long option.

Public Types

typedef fcppt::strong_typedef< bool,_ > is_short

Public Member Functions

FCPPT_OPTIONS_DETAIL_SYMBOL option_name (fcppt::string &&, is_short)

Public Attributes

fcppt::string name_
is_short is_short_

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ is_short

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ option_name()

FCPPT_OPTIONS_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::options::option_name::option_name ( fcppt::string &&  ,

Member Data Documentation

◆ is_short_

is_short fcppt::options::option_name::is_short_

◆ name_

fcppt::string fcppt::options::option_name::name_