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fcppt::filesystem Namespace Reference

Helper functions for std::filesystem. More...


class  directory_range
 A range for directory iterators. More...
class  recursive_directory_range
 A range for recursive directory iterators. More...


using fstream = std::basic_fstream< fcppt::char_type >
 Typedef to basic_fstream, depending on fcppt::char_type.
using ifstream = std::basic_ifstream< fcppt::char_type >
 Typedef to basic_ifstream, depending on fcppt::char_type.
using ofstream = std::basic_ofstream< fcppt::char_type >
 Typedef to basic_ofstream, depending on fcppt::char_type.
using optional_size = fcppt::optional::object< std::uintmax_t >
 Optional size.


FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::optional_error_code create_directories_recursive (std::filesystem::path const &path)
 Tries to creates directories recursively.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::optional_error_code create_directory (std::filesystem::path const &path)
 Tries to create a directory.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::string extension (std::filesystem::path const &path)
 Returns the extension of a path as an fcppt::string.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::string extension_without_dot (std::filesystem::path const &path)
 Returns the extension of a path as an fcppt::string without the dot.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::filesystem::optional_size file_size (std::filesystem::path const &path)
 Returns the size of a file.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::either::object< std::error_code, fcppt::filesystem::directory_rangemake_directory_range (std::filesystem::path const &, std::filesystem::directory_options)
 Creates a directory range.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::either::object< std::error_code, fcppt::filesystem::recursive_directory_rangemake_recursive_directory_range (std::filesystem::path const &, std::filesystem::directory_options)
 Creates a recursive directory range.
template<typename Stream >
fcppt::optional::object< Stream > open (std::filesystem::path const &_path, std::ios_base::openmode const _openmode)
 Opens a file, returning an optional.
template<typename Stream , typename Exception = fcppt::exception>
Stream open_exn (std::filesystem::path const &_path, std::ios_base::openmode const _openmode)
 Opens a file, throwing an exception on failure.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::string path_to_string (std::filesystem::path const &path)
 Turns a path into an fcppt::string.
FCPPT_FILESYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL std::filesystem::path remove_extension (std::filesystem::path path)
 Removes the extension from a path.

Detailed Description

Helper functions for std::filesystem.