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fcppt::type_traits Namespace Reference

Some additional type traits. More...


struct  array< T, N >>
struct  basic_string< Ch, Traits, Alloc >>
struct  constructible_from
 Checks if a type can be constructed from certain arguments. More...
struct  function_result
 The return type of a function type. More...
struct  function_result< Result(Args...)>
struct  is_base_of
 Like std::is_base_of, but only works on complete types. More...
struct  is_brigand_sequence
 Checks if an type is an brigand sequence. More...
struct  is_std_array
 Checks if a type is a std::array. More...
struct  is_std_tuple
 Checks if a type is a std::tuple. More...
struct  is_string
 Tells if a type is a string. More...
struct  list< Types... >>
struct  tuple< Types... >>


template<typename Type >
using is_float_or_double = std::integral_constant< bool, std::is_same< Type, float >::value||std::is_same< Type, double >::value >
 Checks if a type is float or double. More...
template<typename Iterator , typename Category >
using is_iterator_of_category = fcppt::iterator::category_at_least< typename std::iterator_traits< Iterator >::iterator_category, Category >
 Checks if an iterator models a given category. More...
template<typename Type >
using is_raw_pointer = typename fcppt::type_traits::detail::is_raw_pointer< Type >::type
 Checks if a pointer is a raw pointer type. More...
template<typename Type >
using is_value = std::integral_constant< bool, !std::is_void< Type >::value &&!std::is_array< Type >::value &&!std::is_function< Type >::value &&!std::is_reference< Type >::value &&!std::is_const< Type >::value &&!std::is_volatile< Type >::value >
 Checks if the type behaves like a value type. More...
template<typename Type >
using remove_cv_ref = std::remove_cv< std::remove_reference_t< Type > >
 Removes references and cv qualifiers. More...
template<typename Type >
using remove_cv_ref_t = typename fcppt::type_traits::remove_cv_ref< Type >::type
 Removes references and cv qualifiers. Version without typename. More...
template<typename Container >
using value_type = typename Container::value_type
 The value type of a container. More...

Detailed Description

Some additional type traits.

Typedef Documentation

◆ is_raw_pointer

template<typename Type >
using fcppt::type_traits::is_raw_pointer = typedef typename fcppt::type_traits::detail::is_raw_pointer< Type >::type

Checks if a pointer is a raw pointer type.

A raw pointer is a (cv qualified) pointer to char or to unsigned char. Both can be used to read and write bytes.

Template Parameters
TypeMust be a pointer type.