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Helper functions for boost::system.

Link to ${fcppt_system_TARGET}, or to fcppt_system_interface if you only need the headers.


typedef fcppt::optional::object< boost::system::error_code > fcppt::system::optional_error_code
 An optional error code. More...


FCPPT_SYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::string fcppt::system::error_code_to_string (boost::system::error_code const &)
 Converts an error code to a string. More...
FCPPT_SYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::system::optional_error_code fcppt::system::make_optional_error_code (boost::system::error_code const &error)
 Creates an optional error code. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ optional_error_code

typedef fcppt::optional::object< boost::system::error_code> fcppt::system::optional_error_code

An optional error code.

Function Documentation

◆ error_code_to_string()

FCPPT_SYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::string fcppt::system::error_code_to_string ( boost::system::error_code const &  )

Converts an error code to a string.

◆ make_optional_error_code()

FCPPT_SYSTEM_DETAIL_SYMBOL fcppt::system::optional_error_code fcppt::system::make_optional_error_code ( boost::system::error_code const &  error)

Creates an optional error code.

If error has an error value, then it is returned as an optional. Otherwise, error contains Success and the empty optional is returned.